Standard Machine Co., Inc. and Raybar, Inc. are dedicated to providing quality-focused, cost-effective precision machining and thread rolling solutions to a wide range of industries. Through innovative solutions and expertise, they have helped clients achieve manufacturing success, saving them time and money.

Big Savings for Commercial
Restaurant Equipment Manufacturer

A commercial restaurant equipment manufacturer asked Standard Machine for help with fabricating a part. Another machining company was making the part at the time using expensive stainless steel tubing. Recognizing the high cost of stainless steel tubing and the long lead time for ordering this specific size, Standard Machine sought innovative solutions to save the customer time and money.

After carefully reviewing the specifications and understanding the needs of the customer, Standard Machine created a win-win solution. Standard Machine fabricated the part from a solid stainless steel material and drilled the material to specification.

The results for the customer: an approximate 85% cost savings in material; material ordering lead times reduced from 12 weeks to one day; and the finished product price was reduced by approximately 25%.

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Standard Machine Saves Mining Equipment Manufacturer Time and Money

In response to a request from a prominent mining equipment manufacturer, Standard Machine, an established customer of theirs, undertook the task of refining their production process for an existing part to meet the customer’s specifications for tighter tolerances and a better finish. While Standard Machine was already involved in the manufacturing process, providing rough machining and outside heat treatment for the part, the customer had to further modify the part in-house by grinding it to achieve the desired precision and finish.

To ensure that they could meet the customer’s exacting standards, Standard Machine went above and beyond, investing in new equipment and implementing specific quality controls throughout their manufacturing process. The results of these efforts were impressive, and the investment paid off handsomely, allowing the manufacturer to eliminate the costly and time-consuming in-house grinding process and ultimately save 10% on the overall part cost. This success not only demonstrated the commitment of Standard Machine to meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations but also exemplified the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects of their operations.

Precision Machining at its Finest

For unparalleled custom precision machining solutions with exceptional quality, reach out to Standard Machine and Raybar, the trusted leaders in precision machining manufacturing. To request a quote for precision machining and thread rolling, call us today at 262-375-0040. Our team is dedicated to providing quality-focused CNC machining and thread rolling solutions to meet your specific needs.

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