Twin Spindle

Standard Machine and Raybar’s twin spindle machine is a versatile and efficient solution for precision machining operations. With its dual spindles, it enables simultaneous machining on multiple sides of a part, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.

Maximizing Efficiency and Precision with Standard Machine and Raybar’s Twin Spindle Machines

Standard Machine and Raybar take pride in their advanced twin spindle machines, which are at the forefront of precision machining technology. These machines feature dual spindles that operate independently, allowing for simultaneous machining on multiple sides of a part. This capability significantly reduces cycle times and increases overall productivity, making them an ideal choice for complex and time-sensitive machining projects.

With their twin spindle machines, Standard Machine and Raybar are able to achieve remarkable efficiency and accuracy. The ability to perform multiple machining operations simultaneously ensures optimal utilization of time and resources. Whether it’s turning, drilling, milling, or tapping, these machines offer versatility and precision to meet a wide range of machining requirements.

Standard Machine and Raybar’s twin spindle machines are operated by highly skilled and experienced machinists who understand the intricacies of precision machining. They have the expertise to optimize the performance of these advanced machines, delivering high-quality, custom machined parts that meet the strictest tolerances and specifications.

With their commitment to technological innovation and excellence in precision machining, Standard Machine and Raybar’s twin spindle machines play a crucial role in their ability to provide efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to their clients. Whether it’s for small or large-scale production, their twin spindle machines ensure superior quality and timely delivery of precision machined components, helping their customers stay ahead in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape.


1-Hwacheon TTC8- 8” chuck
3-Hwacheon TTC10 -10” chuck
1-Doosan TW2100M-GL – 10” chuck


1-Affri Rockwell Hardness Test
5-Optical Comparators
1-40” Vernier Caliper
2-24” Vernier Calipers
Various Sunnen Bore Gages
Wide Assortment of Thread Rings & Plugs
Various Styles of Indicators
Assortment of Calipers and Micrometers
Multiple sets of plug gaging
Master Standards for Calibration
Capability/CPK Software

CNC Machining

CNC Swiss

CNC Lathes

Precision Screw

Thread Rolling

Tsune Saw

Twin Spindle

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