Thread Rolling Machines

Standard Machine and Raybar hold the knowledge, skills, and technology to roll any reasonable ductile material with hardness up to 50 Rockwell “C” including steel, stainless steel, aluminum copper, brass, bronze, and titanium. We are able to supply threaded bar stock in Acme, Vee, Metric, Worm, or special thread forms. 

Advanced Thread Rolling Machines for Precision Machining Solutions from Standard Machine and Raybar

At Standard Machine and Raybar, thread rolling is a core part of their precision machining expertise, allowing them to produce threaded bar stock with exceptional accuracy, surface finish, and physical characteristics. With their advanced thread rolling machines, including 1 Tesker 630, 1 Tesker 425, 2 Reed B112, 3 Grob RMOD, 1 Reed 3 Die Model A22, and 2 Tesker 200 machines, Standard Machine and Raybar are able to roll any reasonable ductile material with hardness up to 50 Rockwell “C”.

Thread rolling offers a number of advantages over traditional threading methods, including improved physical characteristics, greater accuracy, and a high degree of surface finish. At Standard Machine and Raybar, their thread rolled screws have been proven to exceed these already high expectations, delivering exceptional performance and durability in a wide range of applications. Whether you need Acme, Vee, Metric, Worm, or special thread forms, Standard Machine and Raybar have the expertise and resources to deliver the precision machining solutions you need.

To experience the benefits of precision thread rolling, partner with Standard Machine and Raybar today. With their deep knowledge, advanced technology, and commitment to outstanding quality and customer satisfaction, they are the ideal partner for any precision machining project. Contact them today to learn more about their precision thread rolling solutions and how they can help you achieve your machining goals.

Thread Rolling Machines

1-Tesker 630
1-Tesker 425
2-Reed b112
2-Grob RMOD
1-Reed 3 Die Model A220
2-Tesker 200
2-Tesker 645E
1-Tesker 215
1-Tesker 230
1-Tesker 440
2-Reed Rico A22


1-Affri Rockwell Hardness Test
5-Optical Comparators
1-40” Vernier Caliper
2-24” Vernier Calipers
Various Sunnen Bore Gages
Wide Assortment of Thread Rings & Plugs
Various Styles of Indicators
Assortment of Calipers and Micrometers
Multiple sets of plug gaging
Master Standards for Calibration
Capability/CPK Software

CNC Machining

CNC Swiss

CNC Lathes

Precision Screw

Thread Rolling

Tsune Saw

Twin Spindle

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Precision Machining at its Finest

For unparalleled custom precision machining solutions with exceptional quality, reach out to Standard Machine and Raybar, the trusted leaders in precision machining manufacturing. To request a quote for precision machining and thread rolling, call us today at 262-375-0040. Our team is dedicated to providing quality-focused CNC machining and thread rolling solutions to meet your specific needs.

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